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XLD-A electron universal testing machine

XLD-A electron universal testing machine
ProductNo: 003
ProductModel: XLD-A

    peeling,tearing,piercing tests, implosion test,etc.,
    Maximum test force (N): 50-10k

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XLD-A upright type can completely replace mechanical tensile testers. It is mainly used to conduct elongation and adhesion tests on rubber, plastics, optical fiber, metal wires, braided fabrics, conveyance belts, plywood, textile fibers, waterproof materials, wires and cables, metal chain cables, engineering plastics, electric elements and other finished products.
This model adopts a high-efficiency speed-reducing mechanism, high-precision lead screws, a modern electronic speed regulating/driving system, and a digitalized measurement control system that was specially designed to upgrade mechanical tensile testers. This model features stable and reliable performance, high measurement accuracy, simple operation, an integrated control box that enables display and operation, a gorgeous LCD display unit, and display of real-time force values, force peaks, displacements and displacement peaks in the format of two rows per screen and four screens per output delivery. It has such functions as zeroing, overload protection, over-travel protection, etc. Its control mechanism can travel backwards quickly after each test. Adding a manual fast traveling workbench can greatly increase efficiency in testing rubber, plastics and other materials. Test results can be printed if an optional micro-printer is installed.



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