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  • Grandtry Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. was established in 1946.As the pioneer in China’s testing machinery industry, we have evolved from the then Sino-Western Scientific Instruments Factory, Guangzhou Building Material Testing Machine Factory, and Guangzhou Testing Instrument Factory to our current Grandtry Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. in a long, glorious history. We have so far won 25 honors either as an excellent enterprise or for our excellent products at various levels including national, departmental, provincial and municipal. High quality “Golden Shield” testers of ‘Grandtry’ have already found favor in nearly 100 thousand customers’ eyes.

  • With scientific development, production, manufacturing, marketing and enterprise management professionals in active service throughout the company, today’s Grandtry still sticks to its experience gained in testing machinery manufacturing nearly 70 years. Not only does it still keep to its traditional grounds of manufacturing testing machinery for conventional materials, but it also stays active in a new field that involves the production of new testing equipment for various new materials and used in various quality control processes. Our company tries to build products that suit widespread, varied customers. there are more than 100 different models within the 6 product series.
  • Not only are we able to design and manufacture electronic universal servo universal testers for use in scientific research and higher learning institutions, commodity inspection and supervision, but we can also manufacture modern digitalized products with the highest cost-performance ratios for use by widespread customers in metallurgical industry, steel industry, electric power, energy resources, mechanical industry, petrochemical industry, rubber and plastics, light industry and electronics, electric wires, cables, textile industry, papermaking, tanning industry, building materials, printing, food processing, medicine, etc., as well as for upgrading of outdated products in these industries.
  • Tomorrow’s Grandtry will surpass itself and create the future, dedicating itself to developing new high-tech high-quality testing instruments, facing up to challenges from the market with a completely new system and a new stance, satisfying widespread customers’ needs, and continuing to make innovations for the national cause of testing instruments.

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