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WD-D Electron universal testing machine

WD-D Electron universal testing machine
ProductNo: 007
ProductModel: WD-D
Description:Applications:petrochemical industry, aviation and aerospace industries, wires and cables etc.
Maximum test force (N): 1000-1000k

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Electronic universal testers of this series can be divided into two sub-models, namely WD-D standard and WD-E precise. They can be used to conduct tests such as elongation tests, compression tests, bending tests, shearing tests, peeling tests, tearing tests, piercing tests, implosion tests, etc., as well as testing, analysis and research on the mechanic and processing properties of various metallic, nonmetallic and composite materials. They can be widely used in such fields as petrochemical industry, aviation and aerospace industries, machine building, automobile manufacturing, wires and cables, textile fibers, rubber and plastics, doors and windows and other building materials, wood processing and papermaking, food packaging, ceramics, metal products, etc.
Testers of this series adopt a fully digitalized GTM-221Pro series computer control system. They use high-performance ADC technology to realize features such as high precision, wide measurement range, stepless configuration, and constant resolution ratios across the entire measurement range. The independent “amplification – A converter” circuit greatly reduces crosstalk incurred in case of weak signals, thereby increasing stability. These models divide the entire range into 500000 equal parts. In actual measurement, they are superior to testers employing a 6-gear amplification configuration. As to displacement measurement, a high-speed circuit is used to realize four-quadrant data collection via photoelectric encoding technology, which completely eliminates the adverse influence that may occur at a low speed due to dithering or direction change and as a result increases the measurement accuracy by 4 times. They are equipped with an EASYDO mobile control box, 5 function buttons, which correspond to going up, going down, stopping, operating and zeroing respectively, and lamps indicating the up or down movement of the test bench, of which all serve to facilitate users’ operation and use. A LCD display unit can be installed optionally on the standard model to display test parameters and results, in which case independent operation without the master computer’s involvement is possible.
The testers of this series employ a user software package, which adopts a modular multilevel structure suitable for large-scale software and incorporates such as MS ACCESS database , SQL technology,etc. Furthermore, the testers offer unique voice prompts informing the user of operation events, support multiple force sensors, multiple deformation sensors, running state control, and input of test parameters, and can adequately satisfy the requirements for various test methods adopted by the tester user (such as GB, ISO, DIN, ASTMD, JISK, etc.) when testing different materials or finished products. They can realize automatic force value calibration and automatic deformation calibration; can perform continuous testing by setting the test conditions for a batch of test samples only once; can modify parameter computation and customize test reports conveniently; can automatically calculate parameters such as the maximum test force, yield strength, upper and lower yield points, tensile and compression strengths, tensile (compression) stresses, elongation (compression) rates, elastic modulus, bending deflection, etc.; can display test curves in a real-time manner and store and analyze measured data; can store and retrieve test results freely; enable selection of various types of curve for reanalysis; can compare test curves in the same group by distinguishing the color of each curve upon superposition; allow the user to use the mouse to select parameter points on curves, select parameter points on curves, select a curve display mode, zoom in on local sections of curves, print curves, and generate a simulated WYSIWYG report display on the screen before printing a report; and, possess automatic rupture judgment and automatic return functions, as well as multiple protective modes. All these features help guarantee safe and reliable running of tests.

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