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LJ Mechanical Tensile Testers

LJ Mechanical Tensile Testers
ProductNo: 002
ProductModel: LJ-A
Description:Applications:rubber, plastic, metal-wire, fiber-optic,textile, waterproof and plywood materials.

Maximum test force (N):5000\10k\20k\50k

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Testers in this series can be subdivided into two models, XL and LJ. The model XL tester can conduct elongation and adhesion tests on rubber, plastic, metal-wire, fiber-optic, textile, waterproof, and plywood materials, as well as electric elements and other finished products. The model LJ tester is mainly used to conduct elongation tests on metallic materials, engineering plastics, braided fabrics, triangular belts, finished products made of previously mentioned materials, and rubber products.
The testers are the leading products in our time-honored “Golden Shield” tester series, as well as the earliest products in our history of manufacturing testing machinery professionally. These models feature mature designs, reliable quality, stable performance, easy use, simple maintenance, and durability under rough use. They also have high environment adaptability and are regarded as the ‘most durable, usable, and economic’ testers with the lowest cost of use. As a result, they still have a huge user group and a large number of machines still kept in service up to the present. ‘New Golden Shield’ testers, improved by our company with up-to-date electronic technology, are the best choice for a starting business. These testers are most suitable for use in occasions in which a high rate of equipment utilization is needed and the environment is relatively bad. Adding a manual fast traveling workbench can greatly increase efficiency in testing rubber, plastics and other materials. The testers can conduct compression and bending tests if a reverser and other appropriate accessories are added.


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