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In 1946-1949

In 1946: Chinese and Western instrument library had been set up, mainly operating scientific books and import equipment.

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In 1950-1959

In 1952:  Starts to imitate physical and chemical test instrument like steam machine model.
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In 1960-1969

In 1960:  Started to produce self-design Rockwell Hardness Tester, universal testing machine and mechanical tensile testing 
                 machine,which met the standard of China. Gradually, we established products like Non-metal tensile testing machine,
                 mechanical tensile testing machine,universal testing machine,Hardness Tester and so on, which can be divided into
                 four categories and eight specifications...
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In 1970-1979

In 1970: Successfully produced new type of LJ mechanical tensile testing machine...
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In 1980-1989

In 1982: Guangzhou material testing machine factory was renamed Guangzhou testing instrument factory,the production
                started to use "golden shield"as a brand;In the same year,HR-150A Rockwell Hardness Tester was rated as the 
                best quality product of Guangdong Province...
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In 1990-1999

In 1992:  Famous scientist JiCi Yan,the former dean of the Chinese academy of sciences and Vice-chairman of the National
                 People's Congress (NPC),inscribe the name of  "Guangzhou testing instrument factory"...
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In 2000-2009

In 2001: XLW Electronic tensile testing machine passed the evaluation by Guangzhou Scientific committee, and won the third
                prize of Guangzhou Science and technology progress.
                In the same year, successfully produce XLD Electronic tensile testing machine, and acquired national patent...
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