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In 2000-2009

In 2001: XLW Electronic tensile testing machine passed the evaluation by Guangzhou Scientific committee, and won the third
                prize of Guangzhou Science and technology progress.
                In the same year, successfully produce XLD Electronic tensile testing machine, and acquired national patent.
In 2002: According to the reform and transformation deployment by government,  Guangzhou testing instrument factory was
                closed and establish a new company named Grandtry Testing Instruments Co., Ltd., which was an enterprise with a
                modern system. It took over the main equipments, technology , customers, personalities, market network and other
                resources and the historic responsibility from the former Guangzhou testing instrument factory.
In 2003: When the transformed enterprise moved to Tianhe District, ,the leader of Guangzhou Electromechanical Bureau,
                Guangzhou Bureau of Quality Supervision;the guard and the  entreprise conducted inspection and instruction to our
                company in the opening ceremony.

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